Oil Samples

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It's so easy to judge any product by a limited number of oil samples, but as stated in each sample, MORE SAMPLE HISTORY NEEDED TO ESTABLISH A NORMAL WEAR TREND. That means the Professionals can't so we shouldn't either.

In 5F883559 this is a  marginal sample using Schaffers oil and using a Cat filter. The Owner runs his truck Hard. if you follow Matt Lee on Facebook this is Sharky. 

In 3E170847 the owner has 28% fuel in his oil and is changine it and resampling it in 2000 miles.

In 5F926576 this is a good 6000 mile sample using Shell T6 and a Cat filter.

In 6F244595 this is a good 3000 mile sample using Shell Rotella and a Cat filter.

In EF174733 these are good 7000 and 10,000 mile samples using Shell Rotella. The owner is changing to a Synthetic oil at the next oil change.

In FF116574 another marginal sample using Schaffers oil and this time using a Baldwin filter.

In FF166599 this is a very good sample using Royal Purple and a Cat filter, more below.

in the last sample the owner didn't fill out the sample label correctly and although the information was sent for update we have not received the update yet. But has  The truck has 100,525 miles and had amsoil 15-40. The oil when drained had 8,000 miles on it with a wix oil filter 

We have more samples on the way, we do offer this service. As i said before an Oil Sample is a blood test for your diesel engine. Everyone should get one they only cost $20.00 and as you can see alert you of so many problems. 


187,337 Miles

I took my 2015 Chevy 2500hd in for a leak in the oil pan. Turned out it was the oil level sensor and the oil pan had to be dropped. While they were working on it they wanted to change the Rear Main oil seal at 187,337 miles. I really didn’t want another leak so I had them do the work. I added fresh Royal Purple 15w40 oil and a new K&N 3003 filter. I took an oil sample (Sample #1) of the new oil.

190,680 Miles

 I dropped the K&N filter, took an oil sample (Sample #2), installed the K-Trans filter adapter and a CAT 1R-1807 filter, topped it off with 2 quarts of Royal Purple 15w40 and started driving again. 

190,897 Miles

 At 200 miles I took an oil sample (Sample #3) and sent all samples off for analysis. 

193,085 Miles

Sample 4) Here is where the CAT 1R-1807 filter starts to show its stuff. With 5748 miles on the oil, the sample tests fine with the exception of silicon which is high. Iron went up and that is usually caused from cylinder liners. This is the most difficult to remove from the oil. It comes from the wear between the piston rings and the cylinder liners and is the smallest of all contaminate particles. Aluminum and lead also went up, but copper and boron went down 

Although there is some improvement, these changes were not fast enough to get a trend that exceeded the poor maintenance performance at the dealer. So I had to change the oil and start again.


I have switched to Caterpillar SOS services, I am still using Royal Purple 15W40. I changed the oil almost 6000 miles ago because I had a high Silicon count, I had taken my truck to Chevrolet to fix an oil leak. They replaced the rear main oil seal, replaced the oil pan gasket or sealer, I suspect the oil pan gasket was cleaned off with rotary air tools and the pan was not thoroughly cleaned afterwards. I had started my quest at that point. You can see in this sample all the wear elements are well below any alarm set point. The oil requires no action, and continue to sample.  We have sampled engines running Shell Rotella, Shell T6, and Royal Purple. Come to your own conclusions, But of the ones tested the Royal Purple has a way lower Iron count and no Molybdenum from the Piston Rings.